Update: Bonnie Henry Tea Towel Donations

Update: Bonnie Henry Tea Towel Donations
Dear Friends,

Thank you to everyone for both your suggestions of where we should donate 25% of the Bonnie Henry tea towel profits to, and the stories behind why these charities are meaningful to you. We were impressed at the extent to which so many of you are involved in such a wide variety of charitable causes. 

In the end more than 60 different charities were suggested, several of which had multiple recommendations and all of which are very worthy causes. The most frequently suggested were a variety of charities that support children, women, health care workers, the elderly, and people struggling with addiction.

We have decided at this point to give to four different charities for this upcoming quarter. In December, when we donate again, we will choose four more organizations unless we sell way more tea towels than expected and can then give to more charities.

The four charities that we will donate 25% of the profits of our Bonnie Henry tea towel sales for this quarter are:

The Covenant House - covenanthousebc.org
Backpack Buddies - backpackbuddies.ca
Aunt Leah’s - auntleahs.org
Canadian Mental Health Association, British Columbia Division - cmha.bc.ca
If you can think of a loved one who might like a Bonnie Henry tea towel that also supports a good cause, you can, as always, buy them on our website, here
Thanks as always for your support and messages, 

Sa & Elves

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