How to make a tea towel into a lovely hostess gift

How to make a tea towel into a lovely hostess gift

Ok, I am about to give a short lecture.

As many of you know, I make tea towels. Lovely ones. Now, I have some important information to share with you. If you are going out to a friend’s house for supper soon, AND you are planning on taking a bottle of wine, this is what you need to do. First, buy one of my tea towels!  OK OK, you are allowed to do this with someone else’s tea towel but we would love it if you would buy one from us too. However, I will never know if you did buy from us so don’t worry.

I am going to show you how to make a tea towel into the loveliest hostess gift possible. First, I will describe what to do, or if you prefer you can skip to the bottom and go look at the video.

STEP 1:  Go buy some wine and a tea towel.

STEP 2:  If you are using one of our towels unfold it to the first fold, place your wine bottle in the center and lie it down lengthwise.

STEP 3:  Close the tea towel around the bottle so that both ends come up around the neck of it.

STEP 4: With the bottle lying down tie some rafia or ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Now look at the finished piece.


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  • That’s a great idea! I’ve used several of your tea towels to wrap books for my reader friends. A bit of tape is required but they are always a hit!

    Carol Price on

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