Tote bags, we make them!

Tote bags, we make them!

Today I have been tasked with writing about tote bags. I will admit right from the start that I have two other things on my mind just now:

  1. I would really like to be chopping kindling as it is not raining just now.
  2. I would rather be drinking the large cup of tea and eating the bowl of toffee crunch cookies that are next to me and I'm finding very distracting.

Now that I have admitted what is really on my mind I will tell you what I know about tote bags. We make them. Yes, right here in Gibsons, BC. Our totes are not the type that you would take to Costco and fill with half of your purchases. Ours are the type that could carry some books, a bunch of groceries and a bottle of wine. Our tote bags are sturdy and they have fun pictures on them that are meant to entertain you as you stand in line at the grocery store wondering why you did not choose the line next door.

Another fine feature of our totes is that once you have finished with the bag it folds up super small so you can slip it into your purse or another tote. Yes, if you put our tote into another tote they will NOT fight. Our totes are friendly, and not just in the eco friendly way.

Each of our totes comes with a tag suggesting things that you might like to put into the bag. Here is a sample tag.

I think that is about as much information as you probably want and I can see that if I am going to get out to chop that kindling before the light disappears, I will need to go out soon.

Tea is done.  Cookies are all eaten.

Bye for now.

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