What is a Tea Towel?

What is a Tea Towel?

I see a lot of information online about the history of the tea towel so no need to repeat that. Instead, I will tell you about our history with the tea towel. We began printing on tea towels in 2013 which is about 200 years after they became a popular item in Britain. Although tea towels were designed for drying your dishes you will probably have quickly realized they are great for mopping up messes, hanging on the wall to cover up an electrical box or even framing as an art piece.


We always tell people that we would prefer they use our towels for their dishes as this way they will eventually wear out, then the people will need more and that way we (the elves at Sa Boothroyd) will not starve.

Here are some other options for the use of a tea towel:


Ok, here is one last personal story about the tea towel and a trip that I took with my kids (then 7 and 9) to England. It was 2011 and I was absolutely dying to go swimming but had no towel. The girls and I all had swim suits but that was all. I decided to nip into a shop, buy a tea towel and then we all went to the Taunton Pool. We swam and then we had the one tea towel between the 3 of us. It worked!  Ok, maybe we did not have dry hair but the tea towel did the trick.

So there you have it, a bit about me, a bit about us, and a few unconventional ways to use your tea towels. As drying the dishes may not be the most exciting part of your day, we are here to make it a little more fun. You're welcome. 

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  • A morning smile. Thank you. Tea towels are also good for wiping down wet cats or very small dogs. (Not the one for the dishes 😂) I have never had a wet hamster or Guinea pig but maybe those too.

    Helen Richardson on

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