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Tea Towel - A Busy Beer and Cider Map (Gibsons BC)

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It has taken me a long time to produce this towel to celebrate the great breweries and cideries that we now have in Gibsons. I have lived here for over 20 years and back then, we had 0 great drinking places. We are very lucky to have young, energetic folk moving to Gibsons and establishing successful businesses over here. I would even say that Gibsons is now HIP and if you have not visited, you should! 

As drying the dishes may not be the most exciting part of your day, we are here to make it a little more fun. So, open your tea towel, read it, then fling it in the air once before starting in on the drying. Our tea towels are well behaved, and they know exactly what they need to do. Once the dishes are dry you can put your feet up and announce you are done for the day.

If you are giving a gift, try wrapping it around a wine bottle. Once they have drunk the wine, they still have the tea towel to remember you by. You may get invited back quicker this way.

100% cotton, soft and absorbent, with a center back loop for hanging.

18” x 27"

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